Rachel released the full-band studio version of her deeply-personal “Something People Say” today. Listen HERE.

“The response to the acoustic version has been so encouraging,” said Wammack. “But going in and adding strings and a full arrangement made the scope and message of this song feel so much more powerful and engulfing. It’s awesome how fans have said they feel so tangibly close to the lyric – mainly because of the rawness of the original – but I’m so ready for this version to be out in the world because it moves me on a completely different level.”

Wammack co-wrote “Something People Say,” with Sam Ellis and Derrick Southerland with thought-provoking lyrics that speak to the heart of words and why they matter:

I didn’t think I’d ever see the day/
That “I love you” would turn into/
Just something people say.

The song drew early accolades from the media gatekeepers:

“This lady continues to impress with every note she sings. This is an acoustic ballad with simple piano accompaniment, but it is written and performed so beautifully that it seems practically symphonic. Love this. Love her.” – Music Row

“’Something People Say’ offers the shattering point of heartbreak in staggeringly clear terms.” — HITS

Wammack will be heading overseas for the Neon Nashville festival in Reeperbahn Germany on Sept. 18 and again in October as part of CMA’s “Introducing Nashville” series. The European and UK tour introduces foreign audiences to the format’s rising singer/songwriters with stops in Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Glasgow, London, and more.

Studio version of “Something People Say” available now