What to say. What’s next? 3/13/19

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to say. People compliment you, and you don’t know how to say thank you. God shows His goodness, and you don’t know how to believe it’s actually true. People hurt you, and you don’t know how to cover up your pain. Some days are just cloudy and you feel kinda lost and unsure of where you are in life. Other days you feel everything you’ve waited to feel and are overwhelmed with excitement. Joy. Real hugs that release those good endorphins. My good friend Millie gives those. I need to give better hugs. 

As a songwriter, we go into rooms to share our hearts on all of these days. Most of the time I’m just trying to keep up with people who are spitting out words that hit me right in the chest and singing insane melodies I wish had come to me first. I pinch myself that I get to write songs for a living… and hang out with these funny quirky creatures that listen to me spill my guts and reel me in when I’m ADD or just really weird. And then I even get to perform these songs for strangers. And then see that reaction when somebody really feels you and then they aren’t really strangers anymore. We have a connection. It’s amazing.

It’s March of 2019, and I’ve already felt every one of those emotions I listed. I tend to process things after the fact, but this year, some things I’ve felt so much right in the moment. I’m releasing a song very soon that is very true to me. When I wrote it, I didn’t know if anyone would like it. But I believed what I was saying. And I think because of that… my team believed it too. They know me. So we’re putting it out. I only wrote it like 2 weeks ago. I hope y’all, strangers or friends, (or strangers who become friends) will feel connected to it. 

A few weeks ago my friend Mike Reid and I chatted about where my career was at over the phone. He pulled out one of those grand “Mike Reid metaphors” and I’d like to share it with you. He said (something like this), “Rachel, you are like a glass swan. This world can chip away and break you, but I don’t want that for you. You have to protect your heart and your art from all the opinions that people so freely give to you. Don’t forget this. You can choose what you let sink in and what you let roll right off. You know exactly who you are.” I feel like somebody else needs to hear that too, so there you go. 🙂

I’m going to Honduras this Saturday with a group called Vitamin Angels. I’ve loved them for about seven years now. When I get back next Thursday, I’m going to blog about my trip. It’ll be my first time out of the country, and I’m really excited to go be a part of their journey.

This year is going to rock. I can’t wait to meet more fans this year!! I’m opening for Reba this year. I’m releasing more music. I’m planning to go back home more. I’m planning to keep working out and eating better. I’m doing my first feature on someone else’s song… I got engaged to Noah Purcell two days ago. I’m pretty speechless right now, but that blog is coming too. 


Whoever is reading this, you are beautiful.

Love you,