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I can’t really describe what a wild year 2018 was… I had my lowest points ever last year, and then I had my highest points ever last year. Sounds like what a lot of people have said about their own 2018. What a crazy thought to have your lowest and highest moments in one year. It’s a lot to handle. To deal it in your own head going through every day life.   

I’m thankful that although I’m still tackling being really transparent on social media, in real life, face to face … I’ve had the most honest conversations I’ve ever had this year. And although it was hard, I’m thankful I did it. I’m a better person because I let some things out.    

In my EP, I reflected on some introspective ideas of life, and in interviews I said I hoped the EP would help people be honest with themselves and with others. Because honesty transpires healing. And I didn’t realize until now that I was writing what would happen with me too.    

Throughout the year, the ideas of Closure and Damage left in old ways and resurfaced in new ways. And Hard to Believe became a song that I sing with a smile because it doesn’t hurt like hell anymore. Time and friendships and love and prayer finally healed some really old scars.       

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Speak For Me Anymore will always be relevant 🙂 haha! Noah will always get crap for it (and sings it in some funny voice when it’s just me and him) although it wasn’t written about him. But I think a lot of people have been moved by that song and I’m really glad. It’s hard to stick up for yourself sometimes because you just want to be liked or even loved, and I hope more people realize that loving yourself is really important. Don’t allow yourself to live a miserable life because this year went really fast… 365 days… poof… and now it’s 2019. I can’t imagine how fast my entire life will go.  

This year I do have resolutions… but some are somewhat just rolling over from 2018. Haha some are just dreams… but why not? This year proves they come true.        

  1. I want to make my bed more. Or at least once.     
  2. I want to really focus on fitness and nutrition. Feed my body healthy food and strengthen my muscles.    
  3. I want to go to Europe.     
  4. I want to meet Katy Perry.    
  5. I want to lay off Netflix and read more.     
  6. I want to dance wayyyyyy more.     
  7. I want to cuss less when I drive.    
  8. I want to write more birthday cards.    
  9. I want my niece to come up on a big stage with me.     
  10. I want to check on people more. Text or call or whatever. Let them know they are loved.    
  11. I want to compliment people more in person. I use to say what I was thinking more. I’ve gotten a little more guarded over the years, and people need to hear when you think they are beautiful or funny or just great.     
  12. I want to kiss Noah more.     
  13. I want to thank God more for the people he has put in my life and for the gifts he has blessed them with.        

In 2019, I’m excited to go back to play the Opry Stage again on Feb 2nd, go to Honduras with Vitamin Angels in March, play my very first festivals, watch my best friends get married and start careers and live their dreams, release more music, and more music, make more friends, and see more of this amazing world.         

Thanks for loving me so well,        

I love y’all,